1. I have to tell you that your writing style, whatever that may be, aligns with my comprehension. I’ve found reading your posts easy and enjoyable. Other blogs, while I’m interested in the topic, can make it challenging to stay engaged. So anyway, I just wanted to give you a high five.

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      1. I’ve been bouncing around an idea in my head for my blog. It would be interesting to see your take on it.

        Girly girls, the ones who dress up everyday. Why? Why do they get “dressed to the nines” all the time?

        I have my personal feelings, insecurities and observances on the subject. What are yours?


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  2. I read the blog on working and doing what you like. Now I am at Legoland and working with kids. The smiles on their faces makes my day. I am sixty eight and feel young again. Working therefore is a good thing.

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  3. Hi thanks for following my blog! Means much. I am a bit out there on an island addressing Apple Computers business arrangement with the horribly misogynistic Dr Dre, care to add your far greater eloquence?


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