Victoria’s Secret Reminds Us Why We Should Stop Taking Victoria’s Secret Seriously

If you’ve been inside a mall or shopped for a new bra recently, you may have noticed a shift in Victoria’s Secret marketing strategy. You still can’t walk by without seeing a 12-by-24-foot image of a woman in her skivvies, and the VS website remains borderline pornographic. But where before there were exclusively busty women in pushup bras, the lingerie brand has made room for a different look: a new ad plastered on store windows and on the company’s website reads “No padding is sexy now!” next to a photo of three cleavage-less young women in padless bras. If you dare to enter the pink and black lucite fortress, you’ll find a store awash with an unprecedented variety of unpadded bras and bralettes: lace, spandex, racerback, high-neck, cut out, seamless, ones that close in back, ones that close in front.

Far be it from me to criticize Victoria’s Secret for telling women that they can be sexy without a padded bra, but I can’t help but chuckle at VS’s new message about natural beauty. Why? Well, because Victoria’s Secret has built an empire on doing just the opposite…

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