Month: December 2015

Shamelessness and Confidence are Two Different Things

I recently wrote an article for Verily Magazine concerning Pirreli’s 2016 calendar, the one in which they decided to eschew the tradition of featuring a crew of naked size 2 models in favor of (mostly) clothed women chosen for their contributions to society. The exceptions to the no-nudity rule were Amy Schumer and Serena Williams, both of whose bodies stray from the modern “ideal.” Both pictures were widely lauded in the mainstream media as victories over body-shamers and monuments to body confidence. My article addresses the growing trend of using public nudity to handle criticism or assert one’s confidence. “I think it is odd and somewhat troubling to associate confidence with one’s willingness to appear nude in public, as the latter is neither a requirement nor a guarantee of the former. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: One’s willingness to walk around naked is a poor measure of confidence.”

Unsurprisingly, the reaction to the article has been pretty negative.

You can read the full article here.

P.S. Like most journalists/writers, I do not ultimately control the headlines that accompany my articles. Something to keep in mind.